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Top causes of truck accidents

Nearly every adult drives, so society will continue to see high rates of truck accidents. The errors of truck drivers are linked to hundreds of thousands of accidents each year. The following are several reasons why truck accidents in California happen so often.

Driver error

The main reason why trucks crash is due to driver error, which is the most common reason for a crash, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Unskilled drivers may start out without the right training or experience to drive a truck of such a large size or weight.

Experienced drivers often continue driving while they’re tired or behind on schedule and cause accidents when they overestimate their abilities. Some drivers have health crises while driving, like seizures, while others are impaired by substances like drugs or alcohol. In addition, driving while distracted, especially when smartphones and mini-computers are involved, is a major obstacle for workers who drive all types of vehicles.

Personal injury law: Motor vehicle accidents

A truck accident is often serious and costly to both drivers, and a truck accident lawyer is often called in to manage the case. Determining liability, as in who caused the crash, is the first step of any case. Personal injury law covers all types of motor vehicle accidents, including the causes of the accidents and the types of compensation available to victims.

What causes accidents

Some lawyers portray big trucks as death machines that are being driven by impatient, ruthless drivers. Stress and fatigue, despite the years of driving experience, may cause a deadly accident. There are a number of factors that often contribute to a single truck accident.