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Avoid dog bite injuries

Dogs could show affection even towards complete strangers, as some pets appreciate human interactions. Some breeds might be more dangerous than docile, and anyone approaching a strange dog should be wary. Dog bite incidents might lead to trips to California emergency rooms and possibly, a civil courtroom. Perhaps avoiding a dog bite is preferable to taking action after suffering harm.

Avoiding dog bites

Although a dog may look happy and docile, knowing how the canine will react to a stranger approaching it comes with question marks. Asking the owner if the dog is friendly might be wiser than going right up to the animal and touching it.

When the dog appears aggressive or growls, it might be best to stay away from it. Prodding an antisocial canine could have terrible consequences.

A dog could start to act aggressively even without any behavior that prompts such a reaction. Anyone facing a dangerous dog might find it best to avoid screaming, running, or otherwise panicking since such behavior may provoke a predatory response.

Common sense could greatly assist those hoping to avoid a dog bite. Unfortunately, the dog’s owner might contribute to the attack due to their negligence.

Dog owners and responsibilities

Owners should make sure a pet is adequately socialized and knows how to behave. If the dog already has a history of biting people, the owner should be extra careful when the pet is near others.

Not keeping a dog on a leash or doing anything else that increases the chances of biting someone also falls under the category of potential negligence. Owner’s who make it more likely that the dog will attack someone may face a lawsuit for any resulting dog bites.

A homeowner insurance policy could cover dog bites. Be mindful that such coverage may come with exclusions and low policy limits, meaning a lawsuit could be unavoidable.