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Negligent truck loading and cargo dangers

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Anyone involved with the commercial trucking industry knows how important safety is. Many drivers would never purposely violate traffic laws since they understand the dangers their vehicles pose. However, speeding and tailgating are not the only actions that could cause a tractor-trailer crash on a California road. Sometimes, problems related to improper loading may cause an accident. Negligent loading may be enough to cause hazards.

Improper loading presents dangers

California has many hills and mountains. Some roads have slight inclines that might put additional strain on a vehicle. Dangers may increase if a tractor-trailer travels down an angle while carrying an excessive cargo load. The truck could pick up significant speed going downhill when overloaded, meaning it might not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision.

After an accident, questions may arise about whether the truck went through a weighing station before leaving for its destination. And that is one example of how improper cargo loading could present risks.

Drivers who cannot properly handle a semi-truck may cause an accident even when they try to avoid one. If the load inside of the vehicle is not adequately secured, the shifting weight could undermine the ability to handle the truck. Unbalanced loads might also cause handling issues. Such may be the case even when the vehicle is not overloaded.

Depending on the type of truck, unsecured loads could fall off and hit another vehicle or pedestrian. Such incidents may result in tragic fatalities.

Negligence and cargo problems

Drivers and trucking company managers are responsible for avoiding tractor-trailer accidents. Negligence regarding cargo loading and securing could lead the liable parties into a lawsuit.

Commercial liability insurance may cover the losses from an accident. Suing beyond policy limits may take place when the losses are severe.