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More dog bites occur during a crisis

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Dog Bites |

Dogs can be unpredictable during any time of the year in California. During an epidemic or public crisis, dogs may experience the same levels of stress and aggravation as humans. Their behaviors have led to increases in dog-related attacks and injuries.

Increased rates of accidents and injuries

In 2020, rising social tensions and health-related lockdowns increased the rates of dog bites and injuries in the U.S. Children are more likely to encounter dogs and receive bites than adults. Three times more injured children were admitted to hospitals and doctor’s offices compared to previous years.

Causes of increased rates

In 2020, dogs experienced higher levels of stress and aggression than in years before. Millions of pets were forced to stay indoors for long periods of time due to nationwide stay-at-home orders. Their rising aggravation was the main reason for the increased number of dog bites. Pets and children were forced to stay at home and face more encounters with each other. Dogs had fewer options to relieve their stress through exercise and socialization with other animals.

Some people claim that increases in pet adoptions, due to higher numbers of homelessness and evictions, also led to that year’s crisis. Several physicians claimed that the number of dog-related incidents increased during the late spring and summer months.

Dog-related incidents resulted in record numbers of children being admitted to hospitals since 2020. The number of injuries and lawsuits also rose and placed more strain on the country’s resources. Health providers claimed that increased animal aggression due to stay-at-home orders led to the attacks. They predict that the rates of accidents and injuries often increase during times of crisis at home and in public.