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Pit bulls and bite dangers

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Dog Bites, Personal Injury |

Certain dog breeds can be dangerous. Owners should not ignore prudent safety steps even when a particular pet has never shown signs of aggression. Many California pit bull owners might point to their pet’s docile nature and years of never seeing the dog display any aggressiveness. While such things may be true, a pit bull could inflict far more harm than other breeds. With these and other potentially dangerous breeds, owners may not wish to become lax.

Tragic incidents involving a pit bull

Several brutal attacks by pit bulls reveal how dangerous these dogs are and why owners should never take safety for granted. One South Carolina woman lost both arms after three pit bulls escaped from a yard. A 3-year-old girl suffered terrible wounds when one such dog attacked her in a daycare center. A 7-month-old baby died after wounds inflicted by a pit bull in Georgia.

While many pit bull owners can point to years of living with these breeds without problems, statistics raise concerns about the dangers. In 2020, 42 people lost their lives in dog bite incidents, and 33 involved pit bulls. So, owners need to take takes to make sure their dogs do not cause any avoidable harm.

Dog bites and negligence

An owner’s behavior often contributes to a pit bull developing a violent nature. Owners could abuse their dogs or raise them to be overly aggressive. Someone who trains a dog to fight may increase the pet’s desire to attack when provoked or annoyed. Owners who raise a dog known for its incredible jaw strength and history of being dangerous could be held liable for any resulting dog bite incidents.

Not leasing or securing a dog could also be negligent. Any oversights or lack of care could place responsibility for a pet’s actions at an owner’s feet.