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4 tips for staying safe on the road around big rig

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Tractor trailers, commonly referred to as big rigs or semi-trucks, are designed to haul huge loads over long distances efficiently, and they are a common sight hauling goods from California’s many ports and distribution centers. Because of their sheer size and limited maneuverability, they cause devastating damage when they get into an accident. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe.

Give the big rig extra space

Always aim to distance yourself from the tractor-trailer as much as possible. You should give them at least a four-second buffer when following behind them and try to stay out of their blind spots.

Be aware of their stopping distance

Tractor trailers take much longer to stop than regular passenger vehicles. The braking system on a tractor trailer is also different – it takes trucks about twice the distance to stop as it does cars. Factoring in the weight of the load they are hauling and weather conditions, it could even take up to five times the distance. So if you see a big rig coming up behind you, resist the urge to speed up and give them plenty of room to brake.

Never cut them off

Big rigs need a lot of space to make turns, so don’t try to sneak by on the inside when they’re making a turn. Not only do most motor vehicle accidents occur from this mistake, but it’s also illegal.

Don’t tailgate them

Following too closely behind a big rig is extremely dangerous because they have limited visibility, and you could get caught in their blind spot. If you can’t see the side mirrors on the truck, the driver can’t see you.

If you get into an accident with a big rig, the two ways available to cover your injuries and vehicular damages are through an insurance claim or a lawsuit. California is a fault state for auto insurance, so you may be able to seek compensation from either the truck driver’s insurance company or your own although a lawsuit may allow you to recover more money in damages.