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Nail gun dangers at construction sites

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

Nail guns could make work at a California construction site more productive and efficient. However, there are risks involved with using these tools. Even someone with significant experience could suffer an injury when something goes wrong unexpectedly.

Nail gun mishaps at construction sites

Nail guns drive nails through wood when a worker pulls the trigger, spring-releasing the nail with force and pressure. A nail gun eliminates or reduces the need for a hammer, potentially saving workers from repetitive motion injuries. However, a miscue could lead to a nail piercing a worker’s flesh, leading to a necessary emergency room visit.

Each year, 37,000 workers visit emergency rooms after being hurt with a nail gun. That number indicates such accidents are not entirely rare, and some injuries could be life-threatening.

Several reasons might underlie why a worker gets hurt by a nail gun. A momentary concentration lapse may be all required for an accident. Or, the worker might not have the proper training to use a nail gun. Construction site managers may wish to give workers introductory or refresher lessons to possibly reduce nail gun accidents.

Nail gun safety and accidents

Poorly maintained equipment might cause injuries. A defective nail gun might be dangerous, so management may wish to remove and replace these items. Workers who don’t wear the appropriate safety equipment also place themselves at risk for harm.

Horseplay could result in a nail gun-related injury. Construction-site accidents may lead to lawsuits. Such would likely happen if someone deliberately hurt a worker with a nail gun or another tool.